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Thrust Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings

    In all marine applications with conventional shaft drives, the thrust along with vibration from the propeller is transmitted axially through the shaft to the coupling, through the transmission, and on to the engine.

    Turret thrust bearings designed and manufactured by Beattys provide the perfect solution in absorbing the thrust and vibrations, while also simplifying engine installation and shaft alignment.

    • Two, four or six bolt models available depending on thrust requirements.
    • Models available up to 700 hp or 60 kN of thrust.
    • Standard and custom flange bolt patterns available for flexible shaft connections.
    • Custom designed flanges to connect to any propeller shaft with half coupling machined to suit.
    • Sealed bearings providing a clean and maintenance free solution.
    • Can be used with driveshaft or CV shaft.
    • Internal clamp system reducing the need for machining the propeller shaft.
    • Easy to access greasable bearing for fast and easy servicing.

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