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Short Coupled Shafts (Marine)
  • Short Coupled Shafts (Marine)

    Marine short coupled shafts.

    • Sealed or greasable universal joint options.
    • Heavy duty designed options with upgraded universal joints and centre yokes for competition boats.
    • Splined end yoke to suit water jet input spline.
    • Stocked models for common water jet propulsion systems.
    • Custom designed and manufactured flanges to suit any engine, gearbox or coupling.
    • Sliding coated involute spline assemblies have heavy-duty housings and an integral seal system that protects from contamination and wear.
    • Custom designed yokes to suit speciality high torque and angle applications.
    • Balanced to ISO 1940 standard with balance weights spot-welded to prevent fracturing and stress on the driveshaft tube.
    • Completely sealed universal joints to keep maintenance to a minimum and ensure the engine room is kept clean.

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