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Hydraulic Magnets
  • Hydraulic Magnets

    Mobile magnet power

    The Dynaset hydraulic-driven lifting magnets are a complete all-in-one unit with an integrated magnet generator. An ideal attachment for demolition and recycling contractors turning their scrap metal into profit. Increase your productivity with a true plug and play magnet, ready to be used straight from the box in any application.

    • Quick easy connection to existing auxiliary hydraulic lines on the excavator mean the magnet can be swapped between machines quickly and easily
    • World’s fastest demagnetising time of 0.8 seconds
    • Compact all in-one-unit and with a durable, waterproof design
    • No external electric cable, reducing health and safety risks
    • The generator is fully enclosed inside the HMAG PRO’s steel housing preventing debris damage
    • Rubber mounted generator to absorb vibrations
    • The hydraulic generator has an integrated hydraulic flow limiter and pressure reducer to protect it from overspeed
    • Comes standard with hydraulic hoses and lifting chains
    • 2 Year Warranty

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