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Hydraulic Generators
  • Hydraulic Generators

    These hydraulic generators boast the best power to size ratio out of any generator in the world. With the guarantee of easy installation and operation, our range of generators make light work of demanding tasks for all contractors and other users. A new generation of hydraulic motors make for even more efficient operation and dramatically reduce sound levels making for a pleasant experience for extended use intervals.

    • The ultra-compact design ensures easy installation and saves valuable space on the parent machine
    • Ability to install on any type of machinery with a hydraulic system
    • The reliable and maintenance-free design ensures downtime is reduced to a minimum
    • Eliminates the need to move heavy engine-driven generators around the site and the need to carry hazardous fuel containers
    • Heavy duty twin poll coils
    • A built-in automatic frequency control valve regulates the frequency to 50 or 60 Hz
    • The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) maintains the voltage at a steady level in accordance with international standards
    • Built-in residual current device and safety earth leakage relay protects users from electrocution
    • Circuit overload protection to prevent overheating and damage to the generator
    • 2 Year Warranty

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