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Heavy Transport Driveshafts

Heavy Transport Driveshafts

The heavy transport and logistics industry is a key player in our economy, bringing the world’s goods to our door and delivering both people and products to their destinations, locally and around the globe. Beattys Group knows how vital it is to keep these trucks, trailers and buses on the road and has been servicing this sector as a core market for many decades.

  • All driveshafts are balanced to ISO 1940 standard and balance weights are spot-welded to prevent fracturing and stress on the driveshaft tube.
  • Premium automated welds allow for deep penetration and precise control while keepingmaximum consistency.
  • High grade tubing increasing the resistance to high shock loadings.
  • Upgraded and reinforced yoke designs to prevent catastrophic failure.
  • Beattys can replace or upgrade sliding spline assemblies to have heavy-duty housings and integral seal systems that protect from contamination and wear.
  • Upgraded to European style splines that are larger in diameter with finer splines resulting in increased capacity and longer service life.
  • Universal joints have premium grade lubricant or service free ‘lube-for-life’ options.

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