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Marine Driveshafts

Propelling the marine industry with trusted driveline solutions. 


The marine environment and demands of this industry provide the ultimate challenge for product quality and durability along with the need for proven design expertise. Beattys has risen to this challenge and for many years has enjoyed working alongside Australasia’s leading naval architects; assisting them with marine driveline design and is the preferred supplier for renowned boat builders throughout the region. Recently added to our marine market offering is our own in-house designed and manufactured Turret thrust bearing assemblies.


1. Sliding spline assemblies have heavy duty housings and an integral seal system that protects from contamination and wear.

2. Premium automated welds allow for deep penetration and precise control while keeping maximum consistency.

4. Thrust washers help the universal joints run cooler and minimise noise and vibrations from clearance.

3. Marine grade two pack paint prevents corrosion in harsh environments.

6. Rilsan® coated splines reduce axial load and provide electrical isolation between shaft ends.

5. European involute style splines that are larger in diameter with finer tolerances and less clearance result in quieter operation, increased capacity and longer service life.

7. High grade tubing increasing the resistance to high shock loadings.

8. All driveshafts are balanced to ISO 1940 standard and balance weights are spot-welded to prevent fracturing and stress on the driveshaft tube.

9. Completely sealed for life universal joints to keep maintenance to a minimum and ensure the engine room is kept clean.

10. Custom made flanges to suit any gearbox, engine or prop shaft.


Our mission is you. We aim to deliver the best possible in driveline design, manufacture and componentry for whatever your need or circumstance.

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