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Driveline projects

Herley Boats

10.2m Electric Catamaran

Delivering a low noise compact driveline solution.

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Norman Wright & Sons

17m Patrol Vessel

Designing and manufacturing to suit this commercial application vessel.

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Hart Marine

17m Pilot Vessel

Working with Pantocarene naval architects to design and manufacture a Turret marine cardan shaft.

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30m Mussel Harvester

Working with OceanTech to design and manufacture a heavy duty Turret marine driveline solution.

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New Zealand Steel

Oscillator Cardan Shaft

NZ Steel was experiencing premature component failure and excessive corrosion from water and steam finding its way into the telescopic sliding spline assembly.

Whakatāne Mill

Cardan Shaft for Pressing Machine

Following assembly of a new press machine, there were extended lead times for the OEM-supplied drive couplings and lack of technical expertise and communication.


Gimbal Shaft for Slag Car

Due to the slag car frame being out of alignment following years of operation, the original gear coupling was working outside of recommended operating angle parameters, therefore resulting in premature wear and component failure.


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