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Industrial Driveshafts

A driving force in the factories of key industrial producers and manufacturers. 


From a small precision coupling part in a food processing line, to a huge high-torque capacity driveshaft at mills supplying pulp, paper and steel – Beattys’ complete offering of componentry, technology and balancing services keeps production and profits up, and reduces downtime. Beattys’ experienced design and manufacturing team are focused on providing driveline solutions that meet the demands of manufacturers operating in a competitive, global marketplace. By keeping in close contact with reliability engineers and maintenance teams across a broad spectrum of industry, we have a wealth of expertise to draw on and resolve any driveline and balancing challenges that may arise.


1. Heavy duty split eye yoke options providing increased bearing cap support and ease of universal joint removal at service intervals.

3. Custom flanges including keyed options to suit multiple drive flange applications.

2. All driveshafts are dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 standard and balance weights are spot-welded to prevent fracturing and stress on the tubing.

5. Custom four point lube options for individual bearing cap lubrication and hard to access applications.

4. Internal thrust washers helps universal joints run cooler and minimise noise and vibrations from clearances.

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Bespoke driveline solutions for global producers and manufacturers.


Our mission is you. We aim to deliver the best possible in driveline design, manufacture and componentry for whatever your need or circumstance.

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